2 environmental bills on table for Missouri legislators this week

car exhaust

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Get ready to roll up the windows when you drive across Missouri. 

An environmental group is worried that Missouri could soon have more cars with stinky tail pipes and factory farms reeking of hog waste, under bills before lawmakers in the final week of the session. 

Ed Smith with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment said lawmakers are poised to pass a law that would prohibit local towns from banning factory farms.

"You know 7,000 hogs are in one building and all the waste they create goes into a lagoon. It becomes a pretty terrible smelling event," Smith said.

Lawmakers are also debating a plan to do away with the emissions testing on motor vehicles, which Smith said could lead to more smoggy, summer days in St. Louis and more asthma for residents.

"The St. Louis region is still in nonattainment for ozone, basically meaning when we have the green, yellow, orange, red air quality days, a lot of that is related to ozone, and a lot of that is related to tail pipe emissions."

The Missouri Coalition for the Environment said residents should call their lawmakers and voice their opinions. 

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