Coronavirus Facts Only: Toughest battles facing frontline workers

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Dr. Tiffany Osborne is a critical care and emergency medicine specialist at Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes Jewish Hospital, she joined us and Dr. Fred Buckhold is a SLU Care general internist at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital on today's podcast. 

Dr. Osborne has been working this week in the ER and intensive care units at Barnes Jewish Hospital.  She says she had been seeing a huge amount of very sick people with COVID-19. 

Now she's seeing a somewhat smaller amount but an equally sick group of people.

What's frustrating to her is that the symptoms can be all over the place -- dry cough, headache, chills, nausea, malaise, abdominal pain, loss of taste and smell. 

She also says COVID testing is turning up a lot of false negatives and they need to repeat the test a couple of times to get a positive reading.

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