St. Louis activists broadcast live as buildings looted, burned in Minneapolis

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(KMOX/AP) - The scenes in Minneapolis on Wednesday night, as a peaceful protest devolved into looting and fires, with police raining down chemical irritants and stun grenades struck a close resemblance to what happened in a St. Louis County neighborhood in 2014. And a St. Louis activist group was streaming some of the events live on Facebook last night. 

The protests are over the death of George Floyd, a black man who was seen on video gasping for breath during an arrest in which an officer kneeled on his neck for nearly eight minutes. It was the second night of protests, as angry crowds looted stores, set fires and left a path of damage that stretched for miles.

The protests began late Wednesday and stretched into Thursday. Protesters looted a Target, grocery store and liquor store while setting an auto parts store ablaze, according to reports by our partner station WCCO

It draws similarities to the events in Ferguson, Mo after the shooting death of Michael Brown. Memorials and peaceful protests were held, but then turned violent as the night progressed on August 10, 2014. 

Businesses were looted, a QuikTrip was burned down, vehicles vandalized and police officers assembled in riot gear. 

During last night's violence in Minneapolis, the Real Stl News Facebook page posted a Facebook Live being recorded by someone who called themself a "guest correspondent." Warning, the video could contain graphic language. 

Protests also spread to other U.S. cities. In California, hundreds of people protesting Floyd’s death blocked a Los Angeles freeway and shattered windows of California Highway Patrol cruisers.

Pockets of looting continued Thursday at Minneapolis stores where windows and doors were smashed. Television station KSTP reported some fires at businesses burned with no firefighters on the scene. A liquor store employee displayed a gun as he stood among the debris of broken bottles and beer cans inside the business.

Amid the violence, a man was found fatally shot Wednesday night near a pawn shop, possibly by the owner, authorities said.

Protesters began gathering Wednesday afternoon near the city’s 3rd Precinct station, in the southern part of the city, where the 46-year-old Floyd died on Memorial Day as police arrested him outside a convenience store on a report of a counterfeit bill being passed. Protesters also skirmished with officers, who fired rubber bullets and tear gas in a repeat of Tuesday night’s confrontation.

By Thursday morning, smoke hung over the city, and looters carried merchandise from a damaged Target store with no interference by police. Video of the store’s interior showed empty clothing racks and shelves and debris strewn about. Obscenities were spray-painted on the outside of the store.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI in Minneapolis said Thursday they were conducting “a robust criminal investigation” into Floyd’s death and making the case a priority. The announcement came a day after President Donald Trump tweeted that he had asked an investigation to be expedited.

The FBI had already announced that it would investigate whether Floyd’s civil rights were violated.

The officer and three others were fired Tuesday. On Wednesday, Frey called for him to be criminally charged.

Frey asked Gov. Tim Walz to activate the National Guard, a spokesman confirmed Thursday. The governor’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Walz tweeted for calm Wednesday night, calling the violence “an extremely dangerous situation” and urging people to leave the scene.

Also on Wednesday night, officers responding to a reported stabbing near the protests found a man lying on the sidewalk with what turned out to be a bullet wound, police spokesman John Elder said. The man was pronounced dead at a hospital. Elder said a suspect was in custody and that the facts leading up to the shooting were “still being sorted out.”

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