Post office basement flooded, sparked a fire, damaging computers and delaying service

Post office early in the morning, fire trucks outside
Post office at 5:25 a.m. on Tuesday, July 26. Photo credit Stitch Benson/KMOX

Don't hold your breath for a package getting delivered on time today.

Postal workers in St. Louis are waiting to find out if they'll be able to work today after heavy rains and flooding sparked a fire in the basement of the post office.

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Tuesday morning, during a period of record rainfall, the basement of the post office flooded, which sparked a short and caused a fire.

KMOX's Kevin Killeen reports that the computers that sort the mail by zip code are swamped -- and those computers are essential to the functioning of the post office. Plus, the fire caused some smoke in the building.

Post office at 11:30 Tuesday morning.
Post office at 11:30 Tuesday morning. Photo credit Kevin Killeen/KMOX

People are blocked off from entering the building to send mail, meanwhile workers are still waiting to hear when they'll get the all-clear.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Stitch Benson/KMOX