Parents name their daughter after internet provider to get free WiFi for 18 years

By , Audacy

Inspiration for a baby name can strike anywhere at any time.

While most people browse the Internet for suggestions, one couple decided to name their child after their internet provider.

According to Fox News, the new parents made the decision in hopes of cutting down internet costs.

They responded to an advertisement from Twifi, a Swiss based internet provider, that was offering free internet for 18 years to families who named their child after the service.

The internet provider chose “Twifus” for a boy and “Twifia” for a girl.

"The longer I thought about it, the more unique the name became for me, and that was when the thing got its charm,” the parents, 30 and 35, revealed in a local media outlet.

“It's his child too. And for me the name Twifia also stands for connection in this context. For an eternal bond!” the mother added.

While the parents wish to remain anonymous, they explained that “Twifia” will be the child’s middle name rather than her first name.

The parents told the local outlet that the money saved on internet bills will be put into a designated bank account for the child.

“We will set up a savings account for you and transfer 60 francs to it every month. When she turns 18, she can use it to take a driving test or buy a car,” the outlet notes.

And if Twifi, which only has four employees, no longer exists in 18 years, the boss Philippe Fotsch, says he will be “personally liable” for covering the cost of internet.

"It's a matter of honor,” he added.

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