BBB tips to help Kansans avoid Cyber Monday scams

BBB tips to avoid online scams
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Billions of dollars are spent during the annual lineup of designated shopping and giving days that follow Black Friday. Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday have exploded in growth, and scammers are well-aware. The Better Business Bureau has these suggestions:

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Be sure the website is legitimate, and not a lookalike site.

Keep antivirus software up to date. This is extra insurance against non-secure sites and pop-up phishing scams.

Pay with a credit card for easier resolution of potential disputes. Debit cards don’t provide that.

Get gift receipts.

Know the exact name of a charity to contribute to. Watch out for groups that may be trying to trick unsuspecting victims with a sound-alike name.

Research the charity before deciding whether to give.

If a tax deduction is desired, visit to be sure the organization is one that qualifies.