Mayors across US urging incoming President Biden to have COVID-19 vaccine supplies sent directly to cities


Mayors across the country are urging incoming President Joe Biden to have vaccine supplies sent directly to the cities.

The rollout has gone slowly in LA and in California.

The mayors think this will give the vaccination effort a big shot in the arm. The big cities include LA, New York, Chicago and Houston.

A letter was sent to President-elect Joe Biden, essentially asking him to skip the middleman or in this case, the counties and states and deliver vaccines and funding to the cities so the shots can be given to people faster.

LA City Councilman Joe Buscaino tells KNX 1070 News they need to ramp things up.

"At the rate that we are going we are looking at vaccinating the people in the city of Los Angeles - it may take up to a year. We can't wait that long," he says.

LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn agrees the vaccine rollout has been too slow.

"The startling facts are we have given out less than 50 percent of the doses that we have been given so I can understand how some cities think they can do it better," she says.

In fact, in the letter to Biden, the mayors pointed out that New York City officials were able to vaccinate five million people against polio in just two weeks time.