City of LA Receives 100,000 N95 Masks Shipment Purchased from Honeywell


The Mayor of LA announced the first shipment of part of the 24 million N95 masks purchased from Honeywell.

Mayor Garcetti said the first 100,000 N95 masks arrived in Los Angeles. Garcetti said they will deliver 90,000 to hospitals at "our cost," and 10,000 will be kept for the fire department personnel.  

The masks will be for first responders and healthcare workers and distributed at cost to hospitals in need. 

Garcetti said next month the figure will go from 100,000 to 200,000 N95 masks with another 500,000 coming in July and scale up to 1.2 million affordable N95 masks by December. Garcetti stressed that the N95 masks are for first responders only while the public should be wearing face coverings or bandannas. 

Go to if your hospital needs N95 masks for COVID-19 patients or frontline responders.

"These first responders we knew needed N95 masks and they deserved to be protected," Garcetti said adding in the past the masks could be going for $16 to $30 online or there were supply shortages on the N95 masks. 

The masks are made in the U.S. and now will be 79 cents plus tax.

Garcetti said the "city has incredible purchasing power so we put that to use by buying in bulk at a low price point and we were able to secure inventory not just for ourselves but for our hospitals that might not have had the connections we had and that were struggling when the people usually sell to them were suddenly being pulled in a thousand directions."

Mayor Garcetti was joined Thursday afternoon by Port of Los Angeles Executive Director and Chief Logistics Officer Gene Seroka, as well as the President of CMA CGM and APL North America Ed Aldridge, at a city warehouse to welcome the delivery.

Last month, the Mayor of LA announced the city had signed an agreement with Honeywell to purchase 24 million N95 masks.