UPDATE: Family of Missing LA Firefighter Speaks Out, He's Believed to Have Been 'Violently Kidnapped' in Rosarito, Mexico

Frank Aguilar LAFD
Photo credit Frank Aguilar LAFD

The LA firefighter who went missing in Rosarito, Mexico is likely the victim of a “violent kidnapping,” according to the head prosecutor of Baja California, Mexico.

Frank Aguilar, 48, has been missing since August 20. Aguilar was taking a part-time medical leave in Rosarito, Mexico. 

The 20-year veteran firefighter's family says he left to check on his Airbnb and never came home. 

His daughters spoke out about their missing dad, according to a story from NBC Bay Area on Friday.

"It's a nightmare, my dad is my best friend, he's my heart, he's my world," said Amaris Aguilar, the eldest daughter of Frank Aguilar, who with her sister, have experienced a roller coaster of emotions in the last 13 days to NBA Bay Area. "Every day is different, one day I'm 'oh my dad,' I'm thinking the worst, but like yesterday and today, I think we need to work, do everything we can to get back to my dad, to help my dad."

“We are working with technical personnel to establish his last instance when his freedom was taken,” Hiram Sanchez, the head prosecutor told KTLA. “We have found a lot of evidence that leads us to believe this was an act of violence, nevertheless we have not determined for sure this is what happened to him.”

Earlier this week, Aguilar's family spoke with ABC10 News. 

“We’re hopeful. We haven't lost hope,” his local cousin Nancy told ABC10. “Nobody seems to know anything and it's very frustrating for the family to not know anything."

Both the FBI and local Tijuana police are investigating the disappearance.

Now authorities say based on surveillance video taken inside Aguilar's condo, he was "forcibly talent." Investigators say they're working on identifying the suspects. 

Aguilar's daughters say it's unlike their father to go days without speaking to them, and his cellphone is dead. 

“We don’t know what we would do without him. It’s just so crazy that this is even happening in the first place, but we really just need him to come home. Like, right now,” sisters Bella and Anaris Aguilar tell NBC.  

“He was just so happy last week, talking about how going to Rosarito is just like paradise and how he loves having this freedom and spending more time with his family and just being there,” Amaris Aguilar told KTLA

“We are aware his family is unable to locate him at this time,” LAFD spokesman Brian Humphrey told KTLA. “We are cooperating with law enforcement efforts to find him.”