LAPD Tests Out its Newest Non-Lethal Device – Police Chief Tries it Too


The LAPD showed off its latest crime-fighting gadget today.

LAPD Chief of Police Michel Moore was one of the people who tried out the new device at the Elysian Park Academy in Echo Park.

The BolaWrap is a new non-lethal device LAPD is going to use to restrain suspects. It sort of looks like a high-tech lasso, but it sounds like a gun. 

It shoots a long Kevlar cord with small hooks that can be used to wrap a person's arms or legs from several feet away.

The device is the only remote response to resistance tool that ensures a safe space between subject and officer, does not rely on pain compliance, and is specifically designed to be deployed early in an engagement, according to its website.

The discharge speed is 513 ft per second (156 meters per second), the wrap speed is 270 ft per second at 10 ft (82 meters per second at 3 meters) , the distance is 10-25 feet and it wraps around the body one to three times. 

Mike Rothans, COO for Wrap Technologies and a retired assistant Sheriff with the LA County Sheriff's Department, said "You'll feel the cords slapping you as it comes around you. There really is no pain involved. It's just restricting mobility and it restrains you."

Rothans said "basically it was developed as a different way to deal with the mentally ill somebody in a mental health crisis..A way to restrain them, to control their movement so perhaps other levels of force don't have to be used." 

Rothans says the LAPD has been testing out the device internally for about a year. It's not meant to be used on suspects armed with a gun.

The department plans to start deploying the new devices in Janaury at stations througout the city

It does have some sharp little hooks @KNX1070

— Claudia Peschiutta (@ReporterClaudia) December 9, 2019

.@LAPDChiefMoore tries out the BolaWrap (new non-lethal device LAPD is deploying to restrain suspects) on himself @KNX1070

— Claudia Peschiutta (@ReporterClaudia) December 9, 2019