KNX EXCLUSIVE: Republican Strategist Rick Wilson on How Dems Can Defeat Donald Trump in 2020


Republican strategist Rick Wilson joined KNX In-Depth Tuesday afternoon to discuss how he has a plan to make Donald Trump a one-term president as he discusses impeachment and his new book "Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America From Trump--and Democrats from Themselves."

Speaking with hosts Charles Feldman and Mike Simpson, Wilson said the book is written in two parts, with the first part looking at four more years of Trump and what will happen. 

His book, " Running Against the Devil" is a sequel to his 2018 book "Everything Trump Touches Dies."

"The first half of this book is an examination of how it can go very, very badly wrong if we re-elect this guy and it's in part done to make sure the Democrats focus on the fact that this is not an election where they have a wide path, they have a narrow path," Wilson said. "I know what the Republican folks are going to do to defeat the Democrat in this election and I put my ideological, my professional and my political priors behind me because I think Trump is such a danger to the country and it's important to address it." 

He said there is a road map for what Democrats need to do.

"You've got to make this race a referendum on Donald Trump. Unless you make this race about him you are going to end up in this mire, this muck about arguing about policy choices. And people at the end of the day don't vote on policy," he said. "Voters based their decisions on personality, and affect and relatability more than almost any other factor. There are a lot of things about Donald Trump that his fans adore but that everyone else despises," Wilson said.

"This election is over in 35 states. You've got to win where the battle is and the battle is in the 15 swing states in the electoral college," he said.

​If the president were to lose in 2020, Wilson said the voters will have lost fair and square.

He said Democrats need to run a better campaign than they've run in a very long time because they don't have naturally gifted candidates like Barack Obama or a Bill Clinton or JFK. 

"If they manage to pull this off, it will break hard, it will break early and you will see a big electoral shift," he said.

He said the voters will be angry if Trump loses but they've got something to console themselves with.

"Trump Jr. will be announcing his run right after Nov 4th," Wilson said.

If Trump wins the 2020 election, Wilson said the president is dissolving the balance of powers between the three branches of government. 

"I fear that the rule of law is in danger right now. We have an executive branch that is saying we can't be held for account for anything we do no matter what it is, whether it's abuse of power, criminality, bribery, nothing matters in that regard and I think that's a terrible precedent," Wilson said. "Trump himself, as a candidate, as a leader, as a person, is unrepresentative of the America that we deserve."

"As 2016 proved, Trump can’t win, but the Democrats can sure as hell lose. Only one thing can save Trump, and that’s a Democratic candidate who runs the race Trump wants them to run instead of the campaign they must run to win in 2020," Wilson's website says in regards to the book.