WATCH: ’SNL’ takes on final presidential debate with Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin


Last week’s surprisingly calm final presidential debate sparked attention across the nation, so “Saturday Night Live” reprised the eventful night on the fourth episode of its 46th Season.

Alec Baldwin returned as President Donald Trump, and Jim Carrey portrayed former vice president and current democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

“Tonight we have a mute button because it was either that or tranquilizer darts,” that’s how Maya Rudolph, who played moderator Kristen Welker, started the episode.

“How’s this mute button work?” Carrey’s Biden asked. “Do I just haul off and slap him in the mouth?”

Things got weird when Baldwin’s Trump took questions from the moderator but confused her as his waitress.

“Mr. Trump, I’m the moderator, not your waitress,” Rudolph’s Welker said.