17 Firefighters From Same Fire Department Test Positive for COVID-19


17 firefighters have tested positive for coronavirus at a Los Angeles Fire Department station that serves LAX airport.

According to LA Fire Captain Erik Scott, who told KNX reporter Margaret Carrero, "the fire station has been industrially disinfected."

The number went from 14 firefighters to 17 firefighters on Wednesday.

"These outbreaks coincide with the surge of COVID-19 cases throughout Los Angeles County," Scott added.

Scott said to they are asking the public to join their team in wearing masks and washing their hands and maintaining a physical distance. The LAFD has seen more than 100 members test positive, while more than 50 have recovered and returned to work.

Here is a complete list of COVID-19 cases among LAFD, LA County Fire, LASD and LAPD.

In LA County, the LA County Public Health Director has issued a warning about the coronavirus outbreak as cases and hospitalizations surge.

Gov. Newsom ordered the closure of indoor operations at restaurants, wineries, zoos, movie theaters in certain counties for at least three weeks for more than 20 counties amid rising cases of COVID-19. He has added more counties to that state monitoring list today totaling 26 counties.

Newsom also ordered the closure of bars in LA County and other counties. On June 18, Newsom issued a statewide mandate on wearing masks in public.