Driver bulldozes SUV through hydrant, into BMW dealership closing Wilshire

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Photo credit Getty Images

An SUV crash Tuesday morning left parts of Hancock Park destroyed, officials said.

A nearly unrecognizable SUV plowed through a fire hydrant and several posts slamming into a BMW dealership in Hancock Park Tuesday morning, NBC4 reported.

The driver – reportedly in tears when police arrested him – “miraculously” walked away from the accident. Police said they found him a block away from the crash site.

The single-car wreck bulldozed a “path of destruction” across a quarter-of-a-mile stretch of Wilshire Avenue, knocking down light posts and a mailbox. The car crash-landed through the window of the Beverly Hills BMW dealership, shattering the store window and damaging cars inside the showroom.

A witness and neighbor said the Land Rover LR4’s impact sounded like a loud storm.

"Just heard like a big bang," Abel Garcia told the news outlet. "I thought it was like thunder."

Police arrested the driver, taking him to the hospital. Officials said they were unsure if he was under the influence. LAPD reported no other injuries.

The lengthy trail of destruction along Wilshire Ave. forced traffic to divert as crews cleared the wreckage.

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