City of Pasadena, several officers sued over a deadly police shooting


The City of Pasadena and several of its police officers are being sued over a deadly police shooting that happened in August.

Anthony McClain, 32, a father of three, was shot and killed while allegedly running from police following a traffic stop.

Nearly two months after his death, his father has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Attorney Michael Carrillo says dashcam footage shows McClain was posing no danger to police officers.

The video was released, and is available to view on the city's website.

The Pasadena Police department has said McClain was armed at the time of the shooting.

Detectives also recovered a gun at the scene, that Pasadena police say had McClain's DNA on it. A DNA test was conducted by the Sheriff’s Scientific Services Bureau.

The City of Pasadena declined to comment on the pending litigation.

There's a GoFundMe for Anthony McClain.