Unionized workers expressing anger at Rite Aid for not providing adequate security after violent attack on 2 employees


Unionized workers are expressing anger at Rite Aid for not providing adequate security after a violent attack on two employees in the West Hollywood store last month.

KNX 1070 News reached out to Rite Aid’s corporate offices for comment, they did not return our call.

The attack happened December 29 at the Rite Aid on La Brea Boulevard.

Mary Lou Fajardo was working when she was assaulted by a customer who allegedly refused to wear a mask as per health rules during the pandemic and then began allegedly attacking employees.

"He's a tall guy, 300 pounds. He hit me in my face and I fall down. I passed out. Then after that, he attacked my supervisor," she told reporter Pete Demetriou.

She caught a brief view of him before she was blindsided with a punch.

Both employees were hospitalized and are now back at work.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770 says that there have been numerous similar attacks in the last several months at various LA locations, and as part of upcoming contract negotiations are pushing Rite Aid to either limit night hours at locations or hire private security.

So far the company has refused to implement either of those policies at the La Brea store or elsewhere.