Ventura County has a dire shortage of COVID-19 vaccine supplies


A dire shortage of vaccine supplies is now starting to hit Southern California.

Health officials in Ventura County have stopped making new appointments - they simply don’t have anything left.

There are 850,000 residents in Ventura County but health officers have only received 60,000 doses so far.  And they’ve either been put into people’s arms or they’re about to be so as far as vaccines go, they're on fumes here.

Ventura County CEO Mike Powers says "We are not sitting on the vaccine we are not stockpiling it. We get it, we give it. We are going to give you what we got."

They say they’ll start making more appointments when they get more of the vaccine.

People are little shocked that authorities have pulled the plug on making new appointments especially for those who are desperate to get a dose.

Seniors could be waiting months now to get their shots.  Some say what they should do is come up with a better plan for the rollout.