Andrew Giuliani, Trump aide and Rudy Giuliani's son, says he has the coronavirus


Rudy Giuliani’s son and Trump aide, Andrew Giuliani, announced on Twitter Friday that he’s tested positive for COVID-19.

“I am experiencing mild symptoms, and am following all appropriate protocols, including being in quarantine and conducting contact tracing,” the younger Giuliani tweeted.

According to reporting by the New York Post, Giuliani says he will be staying in his home in D.C. and only feels like he has a cold at this point.

Andrew Giuliani was at the Rose Garden last Friday for Trump’s White House’s Operation Warp Speed press event and he was seen without a mask. But he told The Post he maintained his social distance and the event was outside.

Meanwhile, as President-elect Joe Biden lays the groundwork for his transition to the presidency, President Trump still refuses to acknowledge his defeat and is instead looking to the courts to rescue his chances for a second term in the White House, though in most cases unsuccessfully.

Since Election Day, the number of lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and Republican voters in an effort to halt the certification of election results has swelled to more than a dozen, with the legal battles focused on a handful of key battleground states where, in all but one, Mr. Trump lost. The president continues to claim the cases provide him a pathway to victory over Mr. Biden, but they involve too few ballots for him to close the president-elect's 5.5 million-vote lead or change the outcome of a state's race. Mr. Biden secured 306 electoral votes to Mr. Trump's 232.

In September, Andrew told The Post he has political aspirations and is considering a run at mayor of New York City someday.