New push for $1,200 stimulus check offers hope: ‘Package is still needed’

Americans are still waiting to find out whether they’ll receive another $1,200 stimulus check.

On Tuesday, a renewed push from House Democrats led to a concession from White House officials that a new COVID-19 relief package “is still needed,” and a gesture of willingness to find middle ground.

Democratic House members made their case for another direct payment at a congressional hearing with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, reports CNBC.

“The economic impact payments must be made because the rent must be paid,” urged Rep. Al Green, D-Texas.

“If we do not do this, we will put persons at risk of being evicted at a time when we are having a pandemic that is still taking lives in this country,” he emphasized.

In another moment, a direct question from Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., led Mnuchin to concede that Trump is in favor of another direct payment.

“Yes or no, do you believe another stimulus check could help stabilize the economy?” Tlaib bluntly put forth.

“I do,” Mnuchin said. “The administration does support another stimulus payment.”

Mnuchin also said that the White House is open to a “bipartisan agreement” on another round of relief.

“We obviously can’t pass a bill in the Senate without bipartisan support,” Mnuchin went on. “Our job is to continue to work with Congress to try to get additional help to the American public.”

“The president and I remain committed to providing support for American workers and businesses,” Mnuchin also said on Tuesday, per Forbes. “I believe a targeted package is still needed and the administration is ready to reach a bipartisan agreement.”

While Mnuchin struck a receptive tone at the hearing, Kudlow was more specific about what the administration would want to specifically “target” in a new relief deal.

Speaking to CNBC, Kudlow highlighted “kids and jobs,” including over $100 billion to assist schools and another $100 billion to extend Paycheck Protection Program funds to small businesses.

“I wish we could break the stalemate,” Kudlow because even though I think the economy is improving nicely, I think it could use some help in some key targeted places,” Kudlow said.

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