Tailgate lot owner: 'NY Tough is becoming NY Stifle'

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) A longtime owner of a parking lot near Bills Stadium says he had a feeling there would be some games this season where fans would not be welcomed. That was made real Tuesday.

"I think New York has the mandate out and forced the Bills into making the decision. People have to make a decision about whether to travel within the 100 mile radius where the Bills sell season tickets," says Eric "The Hammer" Matwijow, owner of Hammer's Lot. "I had a feeling this was happening, but it's disheartening.

Matwijow says it's a reversal of fortune compared to last year. "I went from probably the best financial year with the games and the concerts to my worst year ever," says Matwijow, who owns a roofing business and adds he's "working his butt off to make up the money."

He feels the state is being too tough. "We're supposed to be NY Tough, it feels like NY Stifle. They're really putting the clamps on us, taking away the fun and energy of being around other people," believes Matwijow. "It's a business but also you're missing out on people who are turning into very good friends. I communicate with a lot of them, and it's very disheartening."