Woman who lost mother to COVID slams Texas Governor for lifting mask mandate, restrictions

By , NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

A North Texas woman who recently lost her mother due to COVID-19 and has made it her mission to educate other about the deadly virus was shocked when Governor Abbott made his decision to end a statewide mask mandate and lift coronavirus restrictions.

Rosie Davis lost her mother to the virus just a few days after Mother’s Day 2020. Since then she has worked to bring awareness to the virus, even starting the Yellow Heart Memorial in her mother’s memory.

When the Governor announced his decision to reopen Texas and issue new executive orders to end restrictions put in place to help stop the spread of COVID-19, Davis was shocked.

“I feel like I lost my mom all over again today,” Davis told NBC 5. “All those emotions, they just came back today.”

"It is now time to open Texas 100%" Abbott said on Tuesday. "Every business that wants to open should be open." He then announced that as of Mrach 10th, the statewide mask mandate would be lifted.

“All the phone calls just started coming in. And people were like, ‘are you ok?’ And I’m just like ‘no, I’m not ok,’” she told NBC 5. “I’m very angry. I’m angry because I feel like as constituents we’re being treated like collateral damage,” Davis said.

Davis says she will continue with coronavirus protocols including wearing a protective face mask, distancing and avoiding crowded places, but feels the Governor isn’t considering the lives that have been lost to the virus and for those that have been forever changed due to it's spread.

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