TWU Professor Leads Effort to Gather PPE for Hospitals


She started to see large American cities like Seattle and New York City struggle to keep up with PPE demand, and it was important to her do as much as she could to not let that happen.

Using WeChat, a social media app popular in the Chinese culture, she reached out on March 17 asking for help in raising money and gathering supplies.  Within 30 minutes, the group had 100 members.  In a week, the group was at 500, and efforts were well on their way.

Thanks to the teamwork of the hundreds of volunteers, Liu created DFW Care (Chinese American Relief for Epidemic).  The non-profit has already raised more than $100,000 and delivered gloves, masks, and face shields to hospitals in the region.

"(We have) no overhead, all the money we receive goes to buy supplies," says Liu.

She has volunteers involved in identifying places (including overseas) to buy equipment.  Other volunteers inspect that equipment to ensure it meets standards.  And others reach out to hospitals to make sure they will accept the donations.

"We are racing against time and bureaucracy, so please help us," Liu pleads.

You can donate at