Matthew McConaughey recalls fateful bet on Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII


On one night, Matthew McConaughey wishes he didn't pump up his rookie numbers.

In his new memoir "Greenlights," McConaughey, a huge football fan, tells the story of one of the worst bets that he's ever made. In the latest episode of Pardon My Take, McConaughey recalled the time that he and his brother laid a huge bet on the underdog Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII. The Bills led 13-6 at halftime, only to be outscored by the Cowboys 24-0 in the second half.

"I mean, Jim Kelly...Andre Reed..Thurman Thomas - they got waxed last year, they made it back this year. The night before, my brother and I rolled on the blackjack tables, so our pockets were full, relatively speaking for us, and we were gonna let it all hang out on this day. So, the line was huge. So we load up on everything Buffalo Bills that you could.

"The Bills came out looking good - I think they were up, right? And we're dancing, buying doubles, man - not just for us, for the whole damn bar. Lock! Well, as you know, in the second half, the Cowboys came out and waxed them and covered."

The Cowboys had defeated the Bills the prior year in the Super Bowl, throttling them 52-17. The bet that McConaughey seemed to be making was that there was no way that the Bills, back in the Super Bowl for the fourth consecutive year, could lose on the sport's biggest stage again. Having a halftime lead probably increased the amount of pain he had when the Bills were ultimately blown out in the second half.

To make matters worse, a dejected McConaughey and his brother got into a cab after the game ended, only for the cab driver to pile onto their pain.

"We get out, and we're now catching a cab back to the Holiday Inn where we're staying, and this dirty, dusty ass cab pulls up. And we get in the back, my brother Pat is looking out the back window, and we're just kind of licking our wounds. And all of a sudden, we hear this voice of this guy that goes 'Uh, you bet on the Bills, did ya?' We look up and it's the cabbie, a guy with a big beard that's looking in the rearview mirror. 'Uh, ****** losers, I coulda told you that. Anyone betting on the Bills against the Cowboys are ******* losers. The Cowboys were a lock!'

"And my brother Pat just goes 'Oh yeah, mother*******? If you ******* knew it, what are you doing driving a ******* cab?"

Kelly famously has said that he's more proud of having gone to four consecutive Super Bowls than he would have been if he and the Bills actually won one. It's safe to say that McConaughey would beg to differ.

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