Work begins on $1.7B I-635 East expansion project


Officials from Dallas, Garland and Mesquite joined with state and federal transportation officials on Thursday for a virtual ground-breaking ceremony for the 635 East project.

The 635-East project will add lanes to I-635 between Hwy 75 and Iinterstate 30. State Senator Nathan Johnson says it's going to boost the quality of life for people in northern and eastern Dallas County.

"It signals the final steps of a long journey to bring modern mobility to Garland," said Garland City Council Member Rich Aubin. "Continuous frontage roads, complete exchanges and managed lanes will provide economic vitality, opportunity and justice to our residents and industry."

The project is expected to cost $1.7 billion and take five years to complete.

Texas Transportation Commission Member Robert C. Vaughn said the project means a lot to the Texas Department of Transportation, "but it means even more to the 200,000 motorists a day who rely on 635 East and endure very unpredictable travel times as one of the most congested roadways in all of Texas."

The project will also rebuild cross streets and the I-30/I-635 interchange.

"I'm happy for the residents that it's going to serve," said State Senator Nathan Johnson, "for all those minutes they're not going to spend in traffic, the accidents that won't happen, and the commerce and convenience that it brings to everybody."

Featured Image Photo Credit: GettyImages