$3 million in buried treasure rumored to be buried somewhere on South Padre Island

Locked chest, buried treasure on a beach
Locked chest, buried treasure on a beach Photo credit Getty Images/Михаил Руденко

Texas is apparently a notorious spot for seekers of buried treasure.

It’s often rumored that across the Lone Star State, around $340 million is buried, just waiting for a few lucky individuals to strike paydirt.

Some of those riches are rumored to lay in South Padre Island, having been buried in the late 19th century by a man named John Singer.

Singer and his family arrived at the island in 1847, looking to create a better life, and that they did.  Their shipping business, as South Padre Island was a major port, grew immensely, and Singer was able to accumulate around $80,000, which at that time was an incredible amount of money.

To keep it safe, he buried the money, along with some silver bars and Spanish coins, in a large sand dune, which he aptly called “Money Hill.”

As Union sympathizers, they were forced off the island during the Civil War.  When Singer returned to try and find his riches, he never could.

They are rumored to remain buried somewhere on South Padre Island, now valued to be around $3 million!

According to Lone Star Treasure, Singer eventually passed away, in poverty, in Mississippi in 1877.

So if traveling abroad is too expensive this summer, why not a staycation to South Padre Island?  It could be VERY worth your while!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images/Михаил Руденко