The #2MinutePromise: More Music, Less Commercials

2 Minute Promise

Whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, and even radio, there is one thing in the way of getting what you want… too many &$^% ads!

You want to hear more music and more from the KROQ personalities.

Well, we feel the same way. And we’re doing something about it. 

Here’s what we came up with. You will never hear KROQ play more than 2 minutes of commercials at a time. That’s our promise. The 2 Minute Promise®!

We even made a handy FAQ. Everyone loves FAQ’s.

Q. Why did you decide to start the 2 Minute Promise®?We asked you, the fans, to help us understand what would make KROQ a better station. The thing we kept hearing is we played too many commercials that seemed to go on forever. The two minute promise will fix that, playing fewer commercials overall and in shorter bursts. 

Q. So what does this mean for me?More music and less time away from your fave KROQ personalities (and even your not so favorite like Stryker and Klein). The 2 Minute Promise® gives us more time to play the artists you love, expose more new music and to focus on what’s happening in the KROQ community.

Q. Why do you have to stop the music AT ALL? Can’t you just get it all over with at one time at like 3am and then play music all day?Welllllll…. you told us short commercial breaks are easier to sit through. This will still let us stay friends with the kind folks who sponsor us. They are going to be the ones who make it possible for us to play WAY less commercials than any other station in LA plays.

Q. Alright. That sounds pretty sweet actually. But wait…if you cut back on commercials, does this mean you’ll cut back on other thing too? Shows? DJ’s?Nope. The only thing we are ditching is all the extra ads. You’ll get less of em, in shorter breaks which means more music for you. Your favorite KROQ artists are still here along with all of the KROQ personalities who will continue to curate and share new music for you to discover.

So let’s do this 2 Minute Promise®!

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