Lana Del Rey on Norman Rockwell and Comments From Courtney Love

The latest album from the singer arrives on Friday August 30

Lana Del Rey stopped by The Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ this week to talk with the guys about her newest album, Norman F***ing Rockwell, out everywhere on Friday August 30.

The singer's sixth studio album was primarily produced by Jack Antonoff, who came to Lana with potential for a new project. "I wasn't writing when I met him, and he was like, 'if you have a day off tomorrow in New York you should just come down and let's see what we cook up," she recalls, running into the all-star producer for the first time in years. "He was like, 'I know I have good stuff for you.' Which no one ever says cause I usually bring my stuff to them."

"We went down to his studio and he played like a little progression of six chords, and without being cheesy I asked him, 'am I allowed to have those chords?' They were so beautiful," she explains. "I just knew that if he was going to let me have those chords, that I had literally just gotten so lucky."

Del Rey delved into the name Norman Rockwell, and how it became such a part of the album. "There is something familiar about the name, nostalgia in a couple words I suppose," Del Rey describes. "And then I like the f-ing in the middle," she smiles. "Just to let you know there's a little bit of lightness somewhere in the album."

Watch the full interview above to see Lana discuss covering Sublime for a documentary, the influence that living in California has on her work, and the steady stream of Instagram comments she gets from Courtney Love.

"That's my girl," she smiles. "We're homies."

Norman F***ing Rockwell is out everywhere on August 30.