Inspired by her military family, our KNX Hero of the Week spends her days helping veterans

Long Beach, Calif. (KNX) - Dr. Laura Held has family members across several generations who have served our country. She uses this inspiration from her family to help veterans live better lives.

Dr. Held is the Clinical Informatics Officer at the VA Hospital in Long Beach - a fancy title that, in short, means she's a leader: helping with data programming, electronic records, telehealth, and "My Healthe Vet."

"My Healthe Vet" is an application vterans can use to look at their medical records online. Dr. Held tells KNX News reporter Heather Jordan that her team recently added an AI integration to help them stay at the forefront of VA needs.

Dr. Laura Held KNX Hero of the Week
Dr. Laura Held and team - KNX Hero of the Week Photo credit Michael Johnson

Laura was nominated as our KNX Hero of the Week by a member of her staff - who praised her dedication to veterans and expectational leadership. But Laura gives all the credit to her team, saying, "it's easy to lead a team that's just ready to work."

Her dedication to the veteran community and the team at the VA Hospital in Long Beach, make Dr. Laura Held our KNX Hero of the Week!

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Michael Johnson