Man Refuses to Wear Mask, Threatens to Sue Chipotle After Not Being Served

A man who was refused service at Chipotle for failing to wear a mask in the establishment took the argument to a whole new level when he demanded the cops be called. He then threatened to sue the chain.

A video posted to TikTok on Friday shows the man and the Chipotle employee as a heated argument began to ensue. The employee attempted to reason with the man, explaining that masks were required inside.

The employee can be heard in the video reminding the man about the chain's policies regarding masks and face coverings. The man repeatedly retorted that he was "not interested."

The employee then began to explain that if the customer wished, he could be served outside of the restaurant instead, to which the man responded, "I want to be served like a normal human being."

The man then threatened to file a lawsuit and demanded to speak to the manager.

"I have been here three times," the man continued. "Call your manager. Ask him about the guy who comes in, demanding to be served. He'll know exactly who you're talking about."

Chipotle announced in late July that they would be joining the many other companies who require face coverings indoors amid the growing coronavirus pandemic.

When the employee suggested that the police could be called if the man refused to leave, the customer responded, "Call 'em."

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