'Stranger Things' Has a Working Number You Can Call

Could Murray Bauman's voicemail indicate clues for Season 4??

(KNOU) - Spoiler Alert! In episode 6 of 'Stranger Things 3,' Murray Bauman, played by Brett Gelman, has a landline number mentioned in the show. The number is 618-625-8313, and it turns out that it's a working number. If fans call the number, they'll be directed to Murray's voicemail.

Murray first appeared in the second season of "Stranger Things," when he goes to Hopper's office and seeks his help after coming to the conclusion that Barb's disappearance had something to do with the Russians.

After Nancy and Jonathan discover that he was actually hired by Barb's parents, he works with them to break the news of what really happened to her.

Calling the number will lead you to a day in the life of Murray, the snarky private investigator with an interesting relationship with his mother.

"Mom, if this is you, please hang up and call me between the hours of 5 and 6 PM as previously discussed, okay!?," the message begins. 

He then goes on to say that he has an "update" for Joyce and asks her to call back at another time. Fans speculate that this could be a "Stranger Things 4" spoiler. The message concludes with a warning to callers.

"If this is anyone but my mother or Joyce, well, you think you're real clever getting my number, don't you?," Murray asks. "At the beep, do me a favor - hang up and never call here again! You are a parasite!" 

Of course, the message then alerts you that the mailbox is full, and fans can't ACTUALLY leave a message. 

The voicemail is rumored to be a hint of what is to come in Season 4, so it's only encourage you call him up if you've finished Season 3 AND watched the post-credits scene in the final episode!

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