Brandon Donohoo is taking over Denver

Brandon Donohoo
Photo credit Brandon Donohoo

Watch out Denver.
There is a new photographer/filmmaker taking the city by storm. And let’s be real, Denver is a tough city to run.

Born and raised in Colorado, he knows how to capture heart and soul with what might seem like an easy click of the button, but let’s be honest, he’s worked hard for it. He has worked for top radio stations in Denver as a Creative Content Director, and has created videos with over a million views. He now has his own production company, “Be My Dream” where he directs numerous projects including short films, and commercials. He also collaborates with local artists, and on-air personalities, and has worked with well-known artists Jark Harlow, Migos, and Doja Cat.

Don says “my goal is to find that raw emotion that you will understand and gravitate towards. I make films and take photos to be in this moment. To feel what is happening right now and in the world around us.

My art is not a look, it’s a feeling.”

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