Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge at 8:25 - June 3, 2020

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1) BuzzFeed posted a list of actors who've done multiple movies together, and had fans vote for their BEST movie. For Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, it's the movie that Tina Fey wrote, that starred Lindsay Lohan and introduced us to the Plastics. What is it?

2) That same list mentioned Samuel L. Jackson and THIS co-star whp  have co-starred in "Pulp Fiction" . . . "Die Hard:  With a Vengeance" . . . "Unbreakable" . . . and "Glass". . Pulp Fiction won. Who is this co-star that appeared with Samuel L. Jackson in ALL of these movies? 

3) Conan O’Brien chose to not to speak about his thoughts on the horrible news about George Floyd because now is the time to ‘listen’. What netowrk does Conan do his talkshow on now?

4) There's a new list online of 22 characters who we loved when the show started . . . but hated by the end. Number one on that list was Sarah Jessica Parker's character on Sex and the City. What is her FULL name?

5) Darius Rucker says the George Floyd tragedy has changed him. He's experienced racism his whole life, but he's no longer going to accept "the myth that things are okay." Daruis beacame a star in Hootie and The Blowfish. Within 10 Million either way ...tell me how many albums Hootie sold?

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