Health experts say worst of Omicron surge in Vegas has passed

Recoveries with variant quicker than other types of Covid-19
Coronavirus 2019-nCoV variant OMICRON Blood Sample. New Epidemic Corona Virus. South African variant
Omicron variant Photo credit Juan Ruiz-Paramo/Getty Images

Reno, NV (AP) - Hospital staffs remain stretched thin statewide in Nevada but health officials said Thursday they believe a month-long surge in COVID-19 cases has peaked in the Las Vegas area and should be cresting soon in Reno and the rest of the state.

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“In Clark County, I think the worst of the omicron wave is over,” said Kyra Morgan, state biostatistician for the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

“Washoe County is not quit there, but I think they’re going to follow closely behind,” she told reporters Thursday.

Morgan said experts have learned that “because omicron spreads so quickly and has the short incubation period, we’ve seen the recovery from this curve happen more quickly than what we’ve seen in different outbreaks or variants.”

She cautioned, however, “we could have a new variant discovered tomorrow and that would obviously change the situation.”