Amazon Prime Day Postponed This Year Due to COVID-19


The global coronavirus pandemic has postponed Amazon’s biggest shopping event of the year.

CNBC reported that the company announced that it would be pushing back Prime Day in the United States.

It was reported earlier this month that Amazon told third-party sellers to use the week of October 5 as a “placeholder date” for Prime Day coupons and promotions. CNBC stated that the company declined to comment.

“Over the last five years, Prime Day has become a special celebration and time for Prime members to shop incredible deals for themselves and for friends and family — and it’s something we look forward to every year,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement.

The spokesperson continued to explain how the push back was to ensure its employees’ safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although Prime Day has been postponed in the United States, Amazon said it would take place in India next month. The company said that the event will happen on August 6 at midnight and will continue until August 7.