Mother and son who died of COVID-19 days apart remembered by community


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A Delaware County community is mourning the loss of a mother and son who both died of coronavirus just a few days apart. Both were remembered in a special ceremony over the weekend.

It was little more than a week ago when Eric Logan felt he needed to check into the hospital.

"His health was declining. He wasn't doing too well," recalled his nephew Andre. "He couldn't control his breathing that well."

Logan said his uncle was diagnosed with COVID-19.

And while he fought for his life, his mother Ellenor Logan also contracted the virus.

"So we wound up having the ambulance come up and pick her up and take her to the hospital as well," said Logan.

After a brief fight with the virus, Logan's 77-year-old grandmother died Monday, and his 49-year-old uncle died just a few days later. Eric Logan also left behind two sons and a daughter.

For Logan's family, it's been an emotional time, especially as they've learned another member has the virus and is in quarantine.

"I have older uncles and aunts who haven't been around because they don't want to be exposed or anything like that. So it's been real tough knowing that everyone can't be around at this time to grieve," he said.

Over the weekend, their Darby Township community came together for a socially distant balloon release to remember the mother and son.

"Honestly, it felt good," he shared. "It was a sad moment, but hearing all the love and feeling all the love, it was a beautiful thing."