Living Better in San Diego - UHC's Dr. Russell Amundson discusses ways to prevent back pain

Woman with side back pain sitting on bed at home
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With 45% of Americans telecommuting either all or part of the time, some people may have replaced office furniture with makeshift desks and household chairs – or even a spot working from a sofa or bed. Such set-ups typically lack the same ergonomic design as a traditional office, which over time can contribute to an array of health issues, including back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis.

In fact, an estimated 50% of U.S. adults are affected by so-called musculoskeletal conditions, with associated treatments for these issues accounting for 10% of annual medical expenses.

Dr. Russell Amundson, a medical director for United Healthcare, offers tips on how to treat and prevent back pain, especially now with so many people working remotely.

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