Live 101.5's Sustainability Initiative - April 8th


Start small in helping to save the environment. Here are some suggestions. You don’t have to do them all but taking one small step is a start.

1. Make it a twofer. Each time you take a car ride to the supermarket, dry cleaner or drugstore burns fuel. Short trips are especially hard on fuel economy, because that cold engine needs time to warm up. Doubling up on errands saves fuel, driving time and emissions.
2. If you don’t want to burn fuel, then shop virtually. Online shopping is easy. It can lessen your carbon footprint but only if you avoid rushed shipping, buy more items together to minimizw shipments and support brands with eco Packaging.
3. Telecommute. Even if not everyday, telecommuting allows us to cut down on emissions and fuel use for every day that we do not go into the office.
4. Learn to love left overs or reinvent them. Okay lasagna is hard to reinvent but maybe freeze one or two servings for the following week or month. But if you have a toast turkey one night, on future nights turn it into turkey sandwiches, chili or tetrazzini.
5. When ordering take out but you just going home to eat it, please ask the restaurant to skip the napkins, utensils and condiments.