Chaz Bono made his documentary to 'give back what was given to me when I was in such a dark place'

Check out Bono's full interview with Demi Lovato on '4D with Demi Lovato'
Chaz Bono
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By , Audacy

During a conversation on 4D with Demi Lovato, available on the Audacy app, Chaz Bono spoke to the “Dancing With The Devil” singer about carrying the title of being a trailblazer, his identity, his transition, and how his acting career stays separate from his activism and trans identity.

As one of the early public figures to share their trans identity and transition with the media and with the public, Bono tells Demi, “it’s funny, because having lived it, I don’t think of myself as that brave. Honestly, I figured out that I was trans almost ten years before I transitioned, and was terrified.”

Being born in 1969 and growing up in the 70s, Chaz tells us that he always knew there was something different about himself, but at the time topics like this were not discussed as openly as they are today. “I knew that I wished I was a boy, I knew I felt like a boy, and I didn’t have a name for it,” says the actor.

At 13 Chaz began identifying his attraction to girls, but at the time the