In defense of Adele: Maybe the '30' artist postponed her shows because she cares about her craft

Is it possible to take Adele for her word rather than let speculations run rampant?
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By , Audacy

Since announcing the postponement of her Las Vegas residency earlier this month, citing COVID complications and delivery delays as the reason, speculation as to why Adele “really” halted the upcoming dates at Caesars Palace has been running rampant.

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We’d just like a moment to take a big exasperated sigh and say “really though?!” In the last 24 hours headlines insinuating that the “Oh My God” singer was too “emotional” to get through her set or that Atkins was clashing with her management have cropped up across the internet.

Stepping back, it leaves one wondering why we couldn’t just take Adele for her word when she told the world, “I’m so sorry, but my show ain’t ready.”

Isn’t it possible that COVID-19 was a serious affliction for the show’s success, and as a multi-GRAMMY winning, Diamond certified, bestselling artist, Adele chose to make the right business move and wait to put on a show that would be flawless? At this point in the highly detail-oriented artist’s career, it’s almost preposterous to envision Atkins taking the stage for the first live performances supporting 30, before kinks were worked out, be it emotional or logistical.

To paint Adele as an emotional wreck or as a demanding diva is a passé trope that continues to haunt women in the music industry, at best. At worst, it’s an honest truth about media outlets and the entertainment industry. When it is fashionable, outlets and companies swear left and right to dedicate themselves to causes promoting mental health, supporting women and diversity. In the end, when a juicy headline means more clicks and monetization everything else goes out the window.

And yes, perhaps Adele is battling deep emotions or pushing for large-scale production feats. Have we forgotten that the artist just debuted an album that details the most intimate parts of the pitfalls of her marriage and divorce? Have we seemingly overlooked the fact that the “Rolling in the Deep” powerhouse vocalist has a reputation for striving for perfection in order to appease fans and hone her craft?

Amidst the swirling “sources linked to the management team” or the hearsay for the sake of headlines, we choose to take Adele at her word. We'll have our weekend with Adele, when it's right for her.

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