Bart Scott says Jerod Mayo doesn't deserve to be a head coach yet: 'It's not his turn'

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Jerod Mayo’s ascension from assistant to head coaching candidate happened quickly. The ex-linebacker joined the Patriots’ staff in 2019, and just three years later, he’s already taking interviews to lead a team of his own.

Bart Scott, who played against Mayo in the AFC East for four seasons, thinks the hype attached to his former rival is undeserved. On ESPN Radio Tuesday, Scott said there are several Black assistants who should receive head coaching consideration before Mayo.

“I don’t get that one. I think we give too much credit to these Bill Belichick assistants,” Scott said. “I think he would be skipping the line in front of so many qualified people.  Whatever happened to Eric Bieniemy, what happened to Byron Leftwich, Todd Bowles? All these guys deserve opportunities more than Jerod Mayo. I’m sure he’s a young up-and-coming coach, it’s not his turn.”

It’s hard to quibble with Scott’s argument. All three coaches he mentioned have superior resumes to Mayo, and own Super Bowl rings. Bieniemy is Patrick Mahomes’ longstanding offensive coordinator, and Leftwich and Bowles head up the offense and defense on the Buccaneers. Bowles was head coach of the Jets from 2015-18.

Leslie Frazier, who heads up the Bills’ defense and was previously head coach of the Vikings, could be added to Scott’s list as well.

As Scott mentioned, Belichick assistants also have horrific track records as head coaches elsewhere.

Meanwhile, we’re not even sure about Mayo’s exact responsibilities. He’s believed to share defensive coordinator duties with Steve Belichick, though Bill Belichick might have taken more control of the defense in the middle of the season. Either way, the Patriots’ defense collapsed over the final month, culminating with their brutal performance Saturday night in Buffalo. The Bills scored touchdowns on their first seven drives.

As it stands today, Mike Tomlin is the only Black head coach in the NFL. Brian Flores (another Belichick disciple) and David Culley were both dismissed last week.

The Broncos are interviewing Mayo Wednesday.