Cowboys DE Randy Gregory isn't happy with David Andrews: 'Just a dirty play'

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Following the Cowboys' 35-29 overtime win over the Patriots Sunday at Gillette Stadium, Dallas defensive end Randy Gregory made it clear he wasn't thrilled with David Andrews.

Speaking to reporters, Gregory claimed the Patriots captain took a cheap shot at him following the last play of regulation.

“Just a dirty play,” he said. “I was laying on the ground, I had my head laying on someone’s leg or something and their center speared me in the neck. Me, I talk a lot during the game, I think that’s part of the game, there’s some people that need that aspect of the game to get going.

"But when you cross the line and start to do things like that it’s unfortunate because I know him. We trained together pre-draft and we had conversations on the field. But you start whooping up on their O-line, which we were, me especially, they get pissed off so it is what it is.”

Gregory finished with two sacks, including a huge hit on Mac Jones that resulted in a strip-sack, and three tackles in the win.

“Honestly, I felt their O-line couldn’t block me or block any of us as long as they didn’t chip us, at least on the ends, and they did a lot of that,” Gregory said.

Dallas is now 5-1 on the year.