Did Tom Brady™ really just trademark his own name?


Do you want to dress like Brady ™? You will be able to soon.

Tom Brady announced the launch of his “next generational apparel brand” Tuesday, just five days before his showdown against Bill Belichick and the Patriots at Gillette Stadium. The TB12 brand doesn’t stop for anything, but especially a regular season game against a losing team.

The clothing line is a collaboration with Kim Kardashian’s lingerie line and the Jens Grede, the LA-based fashion mogul who helped build Kardashian’s Good American Denim collection.

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We don’t know much more about it, though we can surmise its price point. Brady once sold a cookbook for $250. Wearing Brady ™ will not be cheap.

The introduction of fashionable apparel adds another layer to the burgeoning TB12™ franchise. Brady is marketing his lifestyle — pliability workouts, expensive vegan recipes, holistic healing. He’s the sports version of Oprah™, with whom he’s now friends.

We know where Brady’s post-football career is heading, even if it doesn’t arrive for another few years. He’ll be sitting on indulgent fancy conference panels instead of the Manning Cast; he’ll promote cryptocurrency, or whatever rich people get into next, instead of Pepsi. Brady ™ is carefully crafted — the only glaring exception is his shilling for Subway.

But then again, that might be more about Belichick, who also starred in his own Subway ad. Four Agreements nonsense aside, Brady ™ holds grudges.

And now, he’s literally his own brand. Maybe Brady™ will trademark the Lombardi Trophy next.