How on earth can Patriots cover spread against Cowboys?


If you listened to us last week then welcome back, and you’re welcome if you listened to us and didn’t put your money on the Patriots against the Texans. The kids eat tonight.

If you listened to (most) of our picks from last week, the kids probably get dessert too. After a 6-3 week as a show, we’re over .500 heading into Week 6.

Here’s the full record breakdown:

MUT:               1-2       HIT TEN; MISSED MIN, SF/ARI over            8-7

SCHEIM:         3-0       MISSED LAC, DAL, BUF                               6-9

JOHN:             2-1       HIT DET & BUF; MISSED CLE                      9-6

TOTAL:          6-3                                                                               23-22

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Last week saw Scheim and I go against one another on the Browns-Chargers matchup, and let the record show I did not send any text messages in the closing seconds of the game rationalizing why I was wrong.

This week we are head to head on the Chargers once again. More importantly, we’re also head to head on the Patriots and Cowboys, with yours truly taking the Patriots to cover the spread that has come crashing down from DAL -4.5 to DAL -3 in recent days.

Much of the rationalization can be found in the column that skyrocketed my popularity in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area on Wednesday.

Furthermore, we get the news today that Trevon Diggs has sat out practice this week with an ankle injury. The torment that my family and I have endured on Twitter at the hands of blood thirsty Cowboys fans may have been all for nothing if Diggs doesn’t even take the field.

But the combination of an overrated defense that I think the Patriots offense can beat even with Diggs potentially not having Diggs AND Dak Prescott facing the largest schematic villain in Bill Belichick he’s faced all season have me itching for a Patriots upset.

Here are the rest of our picks for Week 6:

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"The Jeff Fisher Line": NFL Week 6 Picks | Winners Club, Ep. 68