Mac Jones doesn't mind being referred to as a dink-and-dunk quarterback

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When it comes to Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones, some have referred to him as a "dink-and-dunk" quarterback and someone who doesn't really throw the ball down the field much.

Appearing on Merloni & Fauria Monday, Jones said he thinks it's a good thing.

“No, I think it’s great," he said. "Just move the ball as best you can and some of the best quarterbacks do that really well. As long as you’re taking a profit, you can’t go broke, so just continue to do that, whatever the play call is. The line has been giving me plenty of time, so I don’t really pay attention to any of that stuff and people have said that about me for a long time. I am just going to continue to do what I do and continue to be a good teammate and continue to get the ball to our skill players.”

Over the last few weeks, the offense has taken a few more shots down the field, which Jones said he's wishes he could have connected on a few more of these plays.

“Josh [McDaniels] does a good job calling really good plays and my job is to execute them," he said. "Obviously, sometimes it’s maybe a shorter pass, but sometimes it’s deeper. I just do what I am supposed to and there’s multiple guys open it seems like every play, so I just need to find the best one who can get the most yards. Whether it’s short or long, it doesn’t really matter. Definitely wish I would have connected on some of the longer ones that maybe I over-threw or whatever, but it’s all timing and gameday sometimes you hit them and sometimes you don’t, but in practice you focus on it and I think it’s part of the game.”

Jones and the Patriots will look to continue their momentum from the win over the Jets this week when they take on the Chargers in Los Angeles.