Watch: Mac Jones looks a lot like Tom Brady

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M&F - Mac Jones joins us after the Patriots obliterate the Jets
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Most fans outside of New England don’t want to hear about Mac Jones being compared to Tom Brady.

Perhaps it sounds lazy to them, or maybe the idea of someone having similar abilities to Brady makes them uncomfortable after those two decades of success in New England. Meanwhile, fans in New England are starved for just that, the next Tom Brady. And while the smartest thing to do is not compare the two, seeing as said comparison would only lead to pressure and heightened expectations, sometimes the comp is inevitable. Especially when you see plays like this:

One a throw from Brady against Chicago, the other by Jones against the Jets. Thrown from almost the exact same yard line, traveling the exact same distance. Same play, same result (no touchdown). Jones’s delivery a little quicker, Brady with his signature fluid long-armed throw. Still, when run side-by-side it’s hard not to ask, “Which is the kid and which is The GOAT?”

Other passes completed by other quarterbacks could likely be run up against one another and look similar, but this is almost uncanny, considering the throws were just hours apart. Then again, given that Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels were so instrumental in developing Brady and are now working so often with Jones, not to mention Brady’s knowledge of the Pats playbook McDaniels runs, maybe this was inevitable.

Pats fans have been comparing Jones to Brady a bit much for a while now, mostly because any success Jones has injects fans with optimism and helps them get over their Brady hangover one throw, touchdown and win at a time. Jones is delivering and doing his part, as he’s been the highest rated QB in the NFL the past two weeks. As far as quarterback play goes, being compared to Brady is the ultimate compliment you could pay one. The fact that Jones is cerebral, strong willed and committed intensely to victory only helps in the comp and his cause.

And it’s not like Brady is regressing to Jones’s level. Rather Jones is showing flashes of Brady-like play. No denying Brady has still got it. He’s leading the league in touchdown throws, just tossed his 600th overall and his team is 6-1 atop the NFC South. But still, as far as Patriots fans are concerned, comparisons like this are more than flattering. They show progress, development, potential and promise. The GOAT may be gone, but The Kid seems to becoming along nicely.