Watch: Patriots fans debate Red Sox popularity

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To many this may seem like the ultimate first world sports debate, which of your sports teams that has won multiple championships in the past decade is more popular? But Boston sports fans have never cared about what others think, unless those others are accusing the region or their coach or QB of being cheaters, in which case hell hath no fury like a Fenway or Foxboro fanbase mocked. But as far as we’re concerned this is an in-house matter, and it’s worthy of a good bargument.

Sunday before Cowboys at Patriots we took it to the fans tailgating outside Gillette to see if they believed the Red Sox unlikely postseason run could vault them over the Patriots, back to their old spot as the most popular team in Boston sports. For decades, without a World Series ring to show for it, Boston was a baseball town, perhaps largely due to the lust for that ring. Prior to that the Bruins and Celtics, who were bathing in banners, laid claim to the belt as the champion of popularity amongst the region’s sports fans.

Once Tom Brady came to town, and the Lombardis soon followed, it seemed the Patriots took over and never looked back, in spite of the Red Sox finally ending “The Curse” and winning four World Series titles over the past 17 years. While it seems the Pats are still on top their hold on the title may be slipping as the 2021 Red Sox continue their unlikely postseason run. Plus, as a bonus we asked which member of the current Red Sox fans thought would be a perfect fit on the Pats. You can probably figure out which unlikely utility star came out on top.