Jelly beans will be few and far between this Easter

A shortage of key ingredients is causing an Easter basket favorite to become scarce!
Jelly beans
Jelly beans Photo credit Getty Images

A nationwide jelly bean shortage is hitting a Pittsburgh favorite.

Sarris Candies says it won't sell jelly beans at all for the Easter season as ingredients like pectin and starch become harder to find.

Two of the key ingredients used to make the jelly beans come from Ukraine, where there is currently a war going on with Russia.

Owner Bill Sarris tells the Big K Morning Show it's a pretty big hit to their Easter sales.

“We’re talking a couple hundred thousand pound of jelly beans, so that’s a lot of people that are going to have a little empty space in their Easter basket this year,” said Sarris

He says they tried to offer a different jelly bean last year, but customers were outraged.

“Our customers just went crazy, just weren’t happy, I mean it was the repercussions some not having our original jelly bean,” said Sarris.

Other companies like Just Born, the creator of Peeps, says they will not sell jelly beans this year either.

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