Quiche with a Kick is Served

The perfect entrée for anytime of the day, or night
Quiche Recipe Card
Quiche with a kick Photo credit Sherí Taylor

If you like to mix things up in the kitchen and you don't have the time or mojo to do a lot of extra steps, I have the perfect solution to help you spice up meal time around your place.

This recipe is a favorite of my friends and they know if I have made this for them then, I have a shared a bit of my soul with them. IT may seem like a simple recipe, but it is made with heart.

The beautiful thing about the recipe is you can switch up ingredients and customize them to your guest's taste. You'll notice this doesn't call for any extra seasoning, that is because there is already a kick delivered with the pepper jack cheese and the sausage crumbles.

Quiche with a Kick
Quiche with a Kick Photo credit Sherí Taylor