A Lil Bit of Mischief Covered in Fur

Lil Bit and Floof take over Wet Nose Wednesday.
Floof & Lil Bit Showing Off Photo credit Saved By The Heart

Each week on Wet Nose Wednesday, our own Sherí Taylor features rescue pets looking for their forever home. She works with rescues and shelters throughout the Carolinas, who are providing love and rehabilitation for these animals waiting to be adopted.

We are featuring Floof and Little Bit this week, for two different reasons.

A Lil Bit of Mischief on Wet Nose Wednesday

Floof & Lil Bit

Lil Bit is ready for adoption! He is looking for a home with someone willing to shake a jingly toy ball and let him roll it around on the floor. He likes getting his kibble regularly. He went without food on the streets and never wants that to happen again. Lil bit is looking for a completely safe, indoor home. He will be tested, vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped before going to his new home. His approximate DOB is 5/15/21.

Lil bit got his name because when he arrived at the rescue, he was tiny, malnourished, and sick. After much care and attention, he began to perk up and his personality came out. He is sweet, talkative, & playful. He now has a round little belly so it may be time for a new name.

Please follow this link to Meet Lil Bit

Floof came to Saved by the Heart in need of foster and medical care. He needs eye surgery to be ready for adoption and we are asking for donations from the community. Please see him featured below on the Saved by the Heart Facebook Page.

We are so excited to welcome aboard Pet Med Mobile as our official Wet Nose Wednesday Sponsor. The staff of PET MED Mobile is made up of folks who love pets and are devoting their knowledge and efforts to better serve you by providing mobile vans traveling from parts of North Carolina, Upstate, South Carolina, and as far south as Lexington County. The Mobile vans offer all required vaccinations for your pets as well as other vaccinations and pet medications.

you can view the PetMed stops for this weekend at PetMedMobile.com or call our toll-free number, 1-800-228-6007 to hear the locations.