23 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in an eco-friendly loving way

Big Love Wins!
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Love is in the air on Valentine's Day. With an abundance of helium balloons, and plastic based toys, candy wrappers and more decorated with shimmering glitter. Showing love with these gifts increase the carbon dioxide by 9 million kilograms on top of what is normally in the air. There are better ways to show Love.

Here are 23 ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day in an eco-friendly loving way. Don't feel you have to keep these for just February 14th. These are perfect for a date night or any special day to show the Love for others and the planet. '1Thing together, millions of things for our planet' ...

1. Ditch the meat Go for a plant-based Valentine's Day meal. Extend this idea starting with one day a week replacing meat options with plant-based.

2. Go Stargazing Grab a blanket and snacks and sit under the stars with your sweetie, friend or even your furbaby. Enjoy the starry moment of nature. Or perhaps name a star after that someone special in your life.

3. Visit a National or State Park usually for a small fee. Guide for 2023 Free National Park Days.

4. Volunteer together with Volunteer ATX / Volunteer for the environment for the ATX community.

5. Planet something new / or start a garden Seasonal eating can help with wht to plant and when.

6. Karokee Night either at a local neighborhood establishment or have a fun Karokee Night together at home searching instrumental tunes on YouTube

7. Have a Picnic Local organic produce / food. Reuseable dinnerware setup.

8. Craft time with supplies you already have. Make each other cards. Draw a photo of each other. Keep it light and fun!

9. Spa day / night at home. Attention for the body's heart, mind and soul with eco-friendly love.

10. Conversation cards Get the feels / use recycled paper / go paperless

11. Staycation at home Save traveling miles and your carbon footprint. Get away at home. Enjoy!

12. Fix / do something around the house if you enjoy creating together.

13. Go camping responsibly.

14. Sustainable gift giving Gifts that give back is always nice

15. Give an experience Cooking class, DIY craft, painting class. Something the person you're giving it too would enjoy.

16. Consumable gifts are ones that can be used up such as food, drink, gift cards, and more!

17. Skip the flowers go for a fun plant or wildflower seeds to plant.

18. Write a Love Letter on eco-friendly stationery

19. Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry

20. Ethical and sustainable chocolate / treats and moreTony’s ChocolonelyEndangered Species ChocolateAlter Eco Chocolate, or THEO

21. Eco-friendly candles as gifts and to set a mood. Don't forget the lighters.

22. Sustainable Sexy Things lingere, oils and more.

23. Download the Audacy App find favorites you both enjoy together.

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